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This panel provides current information on the status of Ports, Channels and in-progress Calls on the Ribbon SBC 1000/2000 and SBC SWe Lite systems.

Browser Support

 See the Supported Platforms page for a list of supported browsers.

Real Time Status View

To view real-time status:

  • Click the Monitor tab in the WebUI.

    The following screen captures are examples.

    SBC 1000 Monitor Tab

    SBC 2000 Monitor Tab

    SBC SWe Lite Monitor Tab

    For more information about Alarms and Events, see the Alarms and Events Reference page.

    Viewing Signaling Groups

    To access Signaling Group status:

    • Click the Signaling Group icon ().
      The Signaling Group Details dialog is displayed. The following screen capture is an example for the SBC SWe Lite.

      SBC SWe Lite SIP Signaling Group Details Dialog

    For information about configuration details, refer to Creating and Modifying SIP Signaling Groups.

    Viewing Channel Status

    To access Channel status

    • Click on a Channel icon ().

    The Channel Status Details dialog is displayed. See Viewing Port Counters and Channel Details.

    Channel/SG State Legend

    To view the Channel/SG State Legend:

    • Click the Show Legend link text at the top of the Real-Time Monitor page.
      The Channel/SG State Legend popup window only appears in the SBC SWe Lite.

    Channel/SG State Legend