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Once you have updated the inactive partition either by Upgrading the Inactive Partition - SBC Edge or by Uploading Firmware Patches, new software does not take effect until you activate newly updated partition. When you activate the partition, the system must reboot to boot from the desired partition. All configuration is preserved when you activate the partition.

The instructions outlined include rebooting the SBC Edge/SBC SWe Lite. This will disrupt call services on the SBC Edge/SBC SWe Lite and should only be completed during a planned service outage.

To set the Active Partition:

  1. In the WebUI, click the Settings tab.
  2. In the left navigation pane, go to System > Software Management > Application Partitions.

    Figure : Application Partitions

  3. Click the Set Active link in the row entry associated with the partition that you wish to activate.
    The inactive partition is the row entry listed without a tick mark under the 'Active Partition' column
  4. You will be prompted to reboot the SBC Edge/SBC SWe Lite, click OK.

    Figure : Reboot Prompt

    It will take up to 15 seconds for the action to be processed, and you will not see any visible indication during this short period of time.

  5. The following status message will be dispatched indicating that the system is rebooting off of the new partition

    Figure : Status Message



Helpful Tip

Upon completion, you will be automatically redirected to the Login screen. Verify that you are booting from the new partition either by checking the active partition, or by Viewing the Software Version.