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The webui.log (in-memory) log file automatically rotates from memory to the internal storage if any one of the following three events occurs:

  • A period of 15 minutes elapses (this rule does not apply to the SWe Lite).
  • The log file grows to > 50MB in size (for SBC2000 and SBC 1000 v2 equipped with eUSB) or > 100MB SWe Lite (this is an approximate size checked by the system every 1-2 minutes)
  • The user manually forces the rotation of the log file to the internal storage via the Web interface (to start with a fresh log for a tracing session)

Regardless of which case causes the logs to be rotated to the internal storage, only the newest 6 log files are retained at any time. Older log files are automatically deleted from the internal storage. As a result, a maximum of 300MB (6 * 50MB) of logs can be retained in the Ribbon SBC 2000 and SBC 1000 v2 (equipped with eUSB) internal storage, and 600MB (6 * 100MB) of logs can be retained in the Ribbon SWe Lite.


 There is no internal storage of logs on the SBC 1000 v1.