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The SBC Edge Web UI provides a built-in Easy Configuration wizard that lets you quickly and easily deploy the SBC for operation with provider endpoints (SIP trunk, ISDN PSTN trunk, or IP PBX trunk) and user endpoints (Microsoft Teams, Microsoft On Premises - Skype for Business/Lync, IP Phones, or ISDN PBX or IP PBX).

Running the Wizard

Run the SBC Easy Configuration Wizard (Easy Config) through an Initial setup, or through the WebUI's Tasks tab. For more information, refer to Using the Easy Configuration Wizard.

Navigating the Wizard

From the Tasks tab of the WebUI, go to SBC Easy Setup (navigation pane) and click Easy Config Wizard. As the wizard runs, it directs you through three configuration steps:

Step 1. Set the following parameters to describe the topology for the telephony service provider and user ends of the scenario:

  • Application. Click the drop-down arrow, then select the Service Provider and user endpoint types that the SBC is to connect.
  • Scenario Description. Type up to 32 characters to describe the connectivity scenario.
  • Telephone Country. Click the drop-down arrow, then select the country in which the telephone services operate.
  • Emergency Services. Choose ELIN Identifier, E911/E112, or None as the emergency services type.
  • SIP Sessions. Type a number from 1-960 to indicate the SIP sessions to allocate for the scenario.

Step 2. Configure the items required for the endpoints selected; fields display based on the endpoint selection in Step 1.

Step 3. The Easy Config validates the final parameters and displays a read-only summary of the configuration that the wizard will apply when you click Finish at Step 3. Before you click Finish, you can return to previous steps to make adjustments to the data summarized.

The wizard displays the following buttons for navigation:

  • Previous: Moves back to the previous step.
  • Next: Advances to the next step when the current step is validated and complete.
  • Finish: Submits the data to the SBC.
  • Cancel: Cancels the Easy Configuration data entered and redirects to the main WebUI.

Easy Config validates data at each step of the wizard. The wizard displays messages and blocks navigation to the next step when the data and selections for the current step are not valid.

You can also navigate through the Wizard by clicking the Step buttons. However, steps beyond the current step are disabled until the data for current step is validated successfully. Click on the step of your choice to view prior Step fields.

Step Buttons


Selecting a Template

The following application scenarios are configurable from the drop-down list of the Application field (Step 1).

  • SIP Trunk ↔ Microsoft Teams
  • SIP Trunk ↔ Microsoft On Premises
  • SIP Trunk ↔ ISDN PBX
  • SIP Trunk ↔ IP Phones
  • SIP Trunk ↔ IP PBX
  • ISDN PSTN ↔ Microsoft Teams
  • ISDN PSTN ↔ Microsoft on Premises
  • FXO ↔ Microsoft On Premises (available for SBC 1000 and FXO Analog only)
  • IP PBX ↔ Microsoft Teams

After you select a scenario, the corresponding template displays.