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You can reserve a VM as a cost saving mechanism for the SBC SWe Lite in Azure. You can purchase reserved instances for one or three years.

Reserve a VM Resource

Use the following procedure to reserve a VM resource.

  1. Connect to the Azure portal. Refer to
  2. Click Reservations.

    Figure : All Services

  3. Click + Add.

    Figure : Add Reservations

  4. Click Virtual Machine.

    Figure : Buy VM


  5. Select one of the following VM instances:


    The VM instance you select dictates the networking and performance limits of the SBC SWe Lite. Refer to SBC SWe Lite Performance and Capacity to make sure that you select a VM instance that meets the networking and performance requirements of your SBC deployment.

    • B1ms

    • B2s
    • DS1_v2
    • DS3_v2

  6. Click Select.

  7. Click Review + Buy.
  8. Click Buy.