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This task allows you to initiate a simple test call from Lync SBA (via the Front End Service itself) to the SBC Edge (SBC) gateway. The purpose of the test is to exercise the gateway's connectivity and call routing setup. This call is initiated by internally invoking the Test-CSPstnOutboundCall via the Lync powershell on the ASM.

Unlike the plain Testing a Call operation, this functionality initiates the call from the Lync SBA and not from within the SBC itself.

Testing a Lync Call

Before you begin: It is assumed that:

  1. The Lync SBA is deployed
  2. The SBC and Lync are deployed with a PSTN Provider.
  1. In the WebUI, click the Tasks tab.
  2. In the left navigation pane, under the Lync™ Survivable Branch Appliance, click Test Lync™ Call.

    Figure : Test Lync Call

  3. Enter the Destination PSTN Phone Number and the optionally the SIP URI Address

    Figure : Enter Test Lync Call Information

  • The PSTN Phone Number is mandatory and should be in an E.164 format matching the Lync default dial plan.
  • The SIP URI Address is an optional parameter. If used, it must be a valid user ID configured on the Lync server.
  • Click OK.

Expected Outcome

The system will place a call from the Lync SBA to the SBC and expect the call to be routed via the PSTN number provided. Once the number is physically answered by a user, the call will automatically hang up and the webUI will return success. Note that no audio will be sent from the Lync SBA - the intent is to simply test the signalling and routing.

If the phone is never answered it will eventually timeout and return an error. Similarly, an error will immediately return if either the Lync SBA and/or SBC have a misconfiguration or routing problem.