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Not supported by SBC SWe Lite in this release.

This operation allows you to load new software into the Recovery partition of the ASM. There are a number of reasons why you would want to do this:

  • To update the recovery partition with newer software, allowing one to be better prepared should they need to Re-initialize the ASM at a later date.
  • To put a completely different software load onto the ASM. For example, convert a Windows only ASM to an SBA ASM or vise versa. To do so, follow this procedure then perform the procedure described in the Re-initializing the ASM section.

This operation does not actually erase, replace or load the ASM software itself - it only updates the recovery partition. To apply an image installed here, see Re-initializing the ASM.

Before You Begin

This operation can only be performed when the Managing the SBC Communication Service becomes operational. In other words, only when a valid ASM IP address has been configured either via the Initial Setup or the ASM IP Settings.

In addition, you will need to obtain:

Preparing the USB Flash Drive

  1. Insert the flash drive into your PC.
  2. Format the flash drive for the NTFS file system (if you have not done so already). This is necessary due to the large size of the image files.
    To perform this in Windows, do the following:
    1. Browse to Computer and find the flash drive.
    2. Right-click it, and select Format....
    3. Select NTFS from the File system dropdown, and click Start.

      Format PNY



  3. Locate the image file mentioned above - we require a file called ASMimage.tar.
  4. Copy ASMimage.tar to the root directory of the USB drive.

Make sure that the image file is not located in a subdirectory of the flash drive.

Load a New ASM Image from USB

  1. Insert the prepared flash drive into one of the ASM USB ports of the Ribbon SBC 1000/2000 system.
    • Updating the ASM Recovery Partition on the SBC 2000- directly plug it into the USB Port for the ASM.

      Click to

    • Updating the ASM Recovery Partition on the SBC 1000- directly plug it into the USB Port for the ASM.

      Click to

  2. In the WebUI, click the Tasks tab.
  3. In the left navigation pane, under Application Solution Module, click Update ASM Recovery Partition.
  4. Click the Apply button to begin the installation of the new image.

    Loading and installing the new image can take up to 10 minutes.

  5. Wait for the following message to be displayed:

    Image Installation Complete



  6. Remove the USB flash drive from the system.

The Recovery partition has now been updated.

In most cases, updating the recovery partition should not require re-initializing the ASM. Updating the recovery partition as part of an upgrade to SBC firmware in order to keep the Application Solution Module (ASM) in step with the current SBC code version does not require re-initializing the ASM. If you do re-initialize to apply the image you just installed, the ASM task restores the ASM to an unconfigured state, and replaces all software and settings with the image in the Recovering partition of the ASM. See Re-initializing the ASM for specific information.