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Some Application software changes are delivered as patch, which is substantially smaller than a firmware upgrade. A Patch is always based on specific Major or Minor release, so you must apply patch only to the specific Base Software Version for which it is designed. UnlikeSBC Edge  SBC 1000/2000 software/firmware versions, patches can be applied to currently active partition or the non-active application partition. All system configuration is preserved when you apply a Patch.

Applying a patch to the active (running) partition may disconnect your active calls.

If you uploaded the patch to the currently active partition, the system restarts the patched components. Depending on which components were patched, this process may disrupt currently active calls. Ribbon recommends that you only apply patches to inactive partitions or to active partitions during a planned service outage.

To upload a SBC 1000/2000 firmware patch:

  1. Download the patch from the Ribbon Support Portal - Download Center (or from your Ribbon service representative for more information)
  2. In the WebUI, click the Settings tab.
  3. In the left navigation pane, go to System > Software Management > Application Partitions.

    Figure : Application Partitions

  4. Click the expand () in the row of the partition to which you want to apply the patch.
  5. Click the Upload Patch link - a popup window will appear:

    Figure : Upload Patch

  6. Under Select File, click the Browse button and select the patch file to upload.
  7. Click OK to upload the patch.

Depending on the size of the patch, it may take a few minutes to update the SBC 1000/2000 system.