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About EdgeMarc VOS 16.3.0 Release Notes

This document describes new features, the latest hardware and software requirements, known limitations, and other pertinent release information for the latest release of EdgeMarc VOS 16.3.0.

Related Documentation

The EdgeMarc VOS 16.3.0 documentation is located at the following Ribbon Wiki space: EdgeMarc VOS 16.3.x Documentation Home.

Release Notes Use and Distribution

Ribbon product release notes are protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America. This work contains proprietary information of Ribbon Communications, 6500 Chase Oaks Blvd, Suite 100, Plano, TX 75023 U.S.A.. Use, disclosure, or reproduction in any form is strictly prohibited without prior authorization from Ribbon Communications.

Problems or Questions

For problems or questions, contact the Global Support Assistance Center:

Ribbon Support Portal:

Voice: +1-833-RIBBON1 (1-833-742-2661)

About EdgeMarc VoIP Operating System (VOS)

The EdgeMarc is a flexible, easy-to-use session border controller that provides critical networking functions for IP-based voice and data. EdgeMarc VoIP Operating System (VOS) provides award-winning features for converged networking environments. These features enable the EdgeMarc to act as an enterprise session border controller and demarcation point for managed services.

Release History

Release 16.3.0


New Features, Improvements, Issues Resolved

Supported Platforms

EdgeMarc VOS version 16.3.0 supports the following platforms:

  • 2900 Series
  • 6000
  • 4800 Series
  • 7000 Series
  • 300 Series

Refer to EdgeView and EdgeMarc Interoperability Matrix for a detailed EdgeMarc VOS interoperability matrix.

New Features in This Release

The following new features are included in this release:

Issue IDFeatureDescription

Support added for TLSv1.3 for SIP UA

SIP UA now supports TLSv1.3 TLS Protocol for EdgeMarc 300 devices.

For detailed information, refer to Configure SIP Proxy Settings for EdgeMarc 300 Series.

EM-26408GUI Enhancement for SIP Port Settings

SIP Port Settings enhancement includes checkboxes to disable/enable SIP UDP, TCP and TLS ingress traffic from WAN.

For detailed information, refer to  Use VoIP ALG Settings.


Session Refresh Handling as a B2BUA

SBC acts as a B2BUA for session refresh.

For detailed information, refer to Use VoIP ALG Settings.

EM-26544Specify a source IP for teams traffic

EdgeMarc introduces a GUI configuration to enable/disable the usage of Alias IP for communication with the SIP server and for Microsoft Teams communication. 

For more detailed information, refer to Create a new Trunking Device.


EdgeMarc 300 platform IPv6 support

This provides support for IPv6 stack for SIPUA in EdgeMarc300 ATA devices, by including IPV6 stack in SIP UA stack. It also includes the LAN IPV6 address and SIP proxy address. 

For detailed information, refer to Use the Network Page for EdgeMarc 300 Series and Configure SIP Proxy Settings for EdgeMarc 300 Series.


Locking a EdgeMarc6000 to a specific cell site (2G/3G/4G) or permit list function.

This allows EdgeMarc to limit the mobile connectivity within a specific cell based on permit list. A tool runMobileCellLock is included in CLI to construct permit list and also to enable the cell lock feature.

For detailed information, refer to Mobile Diagnostics.


Track the contents of dual boot partitions in a status file

This feature allows to record the image version and the partition number in a file that could be read out with a command. It allows the user of an EM4808v2 or other dual boot partition EdgeMarc to know what VOS version is loaded in which partition. 


Use only the selected TLS protocol version

This feature provides an option to use only a particular TLS protocol version on the EdgeMarc. It allows to selectively use a version (For example TLS 1.2) without supporting higher versions.

For detailed information, refer to Use VoIP ALG Settings.

Required Software Versions

The following software versions are required for this release and are available for download from the Customer Portal:

EM VOS 16.3.0


How to Verify Currently Installed Software/Firmware Versions

Use the EdgeMarc WebUI to verify the currently installed software version.

  1. Open the WebUI and click the Admin tab.
  2. On the Admin page, you can see the current software version under Software Version.

Upgrade Notes

This section contains specific upgrade notes for customers planning to upgrade to EdgeMarc VOS 16.3.0. For details on supported releases and upgrades, see Upgrade Firmware.
To download a software package from the Ribbon Support Portal, refer Ribbon Support Portal - Download Center

Resolved Issues

Resolved Issues - Severity 1

Issue IDCase No.SevProblem DescriptionResolution

Unable to process calls on EdgeMarc, and mutex logs are present in MAND logs. The crash occurs under a specific scenario:

1. A call is established between Teams and LAN phones with Session timer enabled.
2. REFER is received from teams, that gets failed and receives a BYE.
3. Session timer expires for the dialog and a crash occurs.

The code is fixed to remove the dialog when a BYE is received.

Workaround: Disable SIP session timers for the mentioned scenario. 


A call from WAN to LAN that is answered by a system that uses a provisional response to a SIP Invite does not have audio.

Added a new configuration flag 'SIP_BYPASS_MSRV_ON_PROV_RESP' to alg_defs.conf to help address the situation.

Workaround: N/A.



When multiple LAN VLANs are present, the EdgeMarc does not properly use the certificate loaded on the ALG VLAN interface (ALG VLAN is different from the default VLAN).

The code is modified to fix the LAN side certificate issues.

Workaround: Load the same interface certificate for default VLAN.


The user commands UI is now removed from the system UI navigation menu if the system does not have /etc/config.user_defs.conf. When a system is upgraded and the /etc/config.user_defs.conf is present, the user commands UI is allowed and user_defs.conf is run. 

A new section for User commands UI removed is included.

Workaround: N/A.

Resolved Issues - Severity 2/3

Issue IDCase No.SevProblem DescriptionResolution


201223-3513943200 OK messages received by the ALG from the PRI UA have a second ptime SDP attribute with the default time of 20. 

The issue is fixed.

Workaround: N/A.



The transferred call loses audio. The root cause is that the EdgeMarc sends an INVITE to resume the ringtone to the transferee with SDP in the order PCMA and PCMU, but the transferee sends 200 OK with PCMU. Here the WAN supports PCMA, and the LAN supports PCMU, that results in the audio issue.

Fixed an issue with SDP on re-Invite messages

Workaround: N/A.


EdgeMarc adds contact headers in 200 OK messages of BYE and PRACK when the PSTN sends the packets without the contact header. 

The code is fixed to add a check to prevent the addition of the contact header for 200 OK messages of BYE and PRACK.

Workaround: N/A.


NTP does not bind to IPv6 MGMT_IP in EdgeMarc. 

The code is fixed to add NTP binding IPV6 rules.

Workaround: N/A.



MAND memory growth caused by empty firmware certificate file. The root cause is that an empty firmware certificate present in /etc/certs/mac/ directory made TLS fail and created a memory leak.

Fixed the memory growth issue in MAND.

Workaround: N/A.


The subnet routes are advertised to BGP, even after the VLAN monitor sets the interface down. The root cause is that the 'zebra' under the reload option is deleted and the BGP gets out of sync.

The code is modified to add the SIGKILL for BGP.

Workaround: Do a 'killall bgpd' in CLI.


SRTP calls on an EdgeMarc300 fail due to missing port level SRTP setting. The root cause is that though the SRTP is enabled in global settings, the TPort level SRTP Enabled value is off by default, resulting in TLS call failure.

The code is fixed so that the port level SRTP config has global settings value by default. 

Workaround: Submit on SIPUA Advanced page.


EdgeMarc incorrectly formats XML data in a SIP Notify message. This is because the EdgeMarc inserts the line feed character before the endtag.

Fixed the XML formatting of Notify messages.

Workaround: N/A.


The TLS DDos Attack caused the EdgeMarc to be blocked indefinitely without reading any other SIP signalling messages from other end points. Since the TLS Handshaking was designed as a blocking system call,EdgeMarc proceeds further only if the handshake gets completed.

Changes are made in TLS handshaking to non-blocking system calls.

Workaround: Block TLS port 5061 on wan interface with iptables.

EM-26889-3On 2900POE device, Switch Ports Information is accurate, while Network Information Page Link Status is not accurate.The code is fixed to correct the link status info in Network information page.

Workaround: Use the Switch Port page for correct port status.

Known Issues

Known Issues - Severity 1

There are no known issues of high severity in this release.

Known Issues - All Other Severities

There are no known issues of other severities in this release.