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About EdgeMarc VOS 16.3.2 Release Notes

This document describes new features, the latest hardware and software requirements, known limitations, and other pertinent release information for the latest release of EdgeMarc VOS 16.3.2.

Related Documentation

The EdgeMarc VOS 16.3.2 documentation is located at the following Ribbon Wiki space: EdgeMarc VOS 16.3.x Documentation Home.

Release Notes Use and Distribution

Ribbon product release notes are protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America. This work contains proprietary information of Ribbon Communications, 6500 Chase Oaks Blvd, Suite 100, Plano, TX 75023 U.S.A.. Use, disclosure, or reproduction in any form is strictly prohibited without prior authorization from Ribbon Communications.

Problems or Questions

For problems or questions, contact the Global Support Assistance Center:

Ribbon Support Portal

Voice: +1-833-RIBBON1 (1-833-742-2661)

About EdgeMarc VoIP Operating System (VOS)

The EdgeMarc is a flexible, easy-to-use session border controller that provides critical networking functions for IP-based voice and data. EdgeMarc VoIP Operating System (VOS) provides award-winning features for converged networking environments. These features enable the EdgeMarc to act as an enterprise session border controller and demarcation point for managed services.

Release History

Release 16.3.2


New Features, Improvements, Issues Resolved

Supported Platforms

EdgeMarc VOS version 16.3.2 supports the following platforms:

  • 2900 Series
  • 6000
  • 4800 Series
  • 7000 Series
  • 300 Series

Refer to EdgeView and EdgeMarc Interoperability Matrix for a detailed EdgeMarc VOS interoperability matrix.

New Features in This Release

There are no features in this release.

Required Software Versions

The following software versions are required for this release and are available for download from the Customer Portal:

EM VOS 16.3.2


How to Verify Currently Installed Software/Firmware Versions

Use the EdgeMarc WebUI to verify the currently installed software version.

  1. Open the WebUI and click the Admin tab.
  2. On the Admin page, you can see the current software version under Software Version.

Upgrade Notes

This section contains specific upgrade notes for customers planning to upgrade to EdgeMarc VOS 16.3.0. For details on supported releases and upgrades, see Upgrade Firmware.
To download a software package from the Ribbon Support Portal, refer Ribbon Support Portal - Download Center

Resolved Issues

Resolved Issues - Severity 1

Issue IDCase No.SevProblem DescriptionResolution
EM-27093220111-4074611The WAN Side SIP messages stop being processed when multi-VLAN ALG is enabled.

TCP delay handshake fix was done for MVLAN scenario as well.

Workaround: Fixed a TCP handshake delay for multi-VLAN ALG configuration.

EM-27229220215-5576671The mand process crashes when attempting to handle a SIP REGISTER message without a user name.

Added missing 'null' checks, and also made changes to return '403 Forbidden' for REGISTER without user info.

Workaround: A workaround is to use REGISTERs with user info only.

Resolved Issues - Severity 2/3

Issue IDCase No.SevProblem DescriptionResolution
EM-27117220114-4082352A memory leak occurs in the mand process if an invalid device-specific certificate is present.

Fix done for EM to switch to default cert in case of failure to load mac-cert.

Workaround: Load a valid certificate to '/etc/certs/mac/em_mac_<mac-address>.crt'

EM-27118210916-3916373The CAC counter is not cleared when using the Send-To URI function for serial hunting.

Fix done to remove the SIP call, even if there is no client found to map for inbound calls.

Workaround: N/A.

EM-27119210609-3771072Debugua Starts To Roll Over Logs at 4096 bytes and .old file grows more than the max-limit. The root cause is that there is an error in the roll-over logic, that caused the issue.

Fixed an error in the logic to clear the .old log file when the MaxSize is reached.

Workaround: N/A.

EM-27120211203-4027452The B2BUA serial hunt does not work when HMR and Send-To Trunking Device are both configured.

A new control handling the processing of HMR has been added.

Workaround: To use the Send-To:URI option instead of Send-To:Trunking device.

EM-27205220427-5772612The SIP Notify messages were getting a 481 error response during a subscription refresh operation.

When EdgeMarc sent a SUBSCRIBE refresh (relay or initiate a new SUBSCRIBE refresh), the previous dialog was deleted. Due to this any subsequent NOTIFY except during the first interval would be dropped with a 481 Transaction does not exist.

Workaround: N/A.


The failure is triggered by the following sequence of events:

  • On the LAN side, REGISTER messages with TCP transport were being sent to 5061 port of EdgeMarc due to a misconfigured phone. SSL drops the connection with 'SSL_ERROR_SSL' error message.
  • On the WAN side of EdgeMarc with TLS, a large NOTIFY message with size (>4096 bytes in our test) is received. TLS thread detected SSL_ERROR in the error queue and hence failed to reassemble the fragmented NOTIFY packet. This leads to error condition when the message is read again.
  • This will continue until the error queue is cleared.

The Edgemarc now immediately clears SSL errors from the stack thus preventing issues with processing subsequent TLS messages.

Workaround: N/A.


Transferred call in Teams fails in cases with some Huawei phones due to an issue in the SIP SDP with the Huawei phones.

Adjustments to SDP processing were made to accommodate the issue .

Workaround: N/A.

Known Issues

Known Issues - Severity 1

There are no known issues of high severity in this release.

Known Issues - All Other Severities

There are no known issues of other severities in this release.