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To download a software package from the Ribbon Support Portal:

  1. Open


  3. Enter your Ribbon-provided credentials to log on to the portal.

  4. Click DOWNLOADS in the Ribbon Support Portal.

  5. Select the GENBAND tab and click the DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE NOW link.

  6. Ribbon's Global Software Center opens in a new window. On this window, hover over Software Releases and select Advanced Search.

  7. The Software Search page appears. Search for the required product name and filter the results for the required model and software image.

  8. To open the Software Overview page, double click the row in the table containing the software to be downloaded.

  9. Select the row in the table containing the required vendor version, to activate the Download button.

  10. You are prompted to fill out a form to confirm your company’s business address for software compliance purposes.
  11. Accept the license agreement to begin software download.