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View BSP Channel Profile

At the directory tree, expand the Channel Profile Tables. Select the Default BSP profile*.*

Modify BSP Channel Profile

Either double-click on a line in the Channel Profile Table for a BSP type, or highlight a line and use the Edit... popup menu option to access the dialog box for a line in this table.

Edit Default BSP Channel Profile Table Entries > Dialog



Overlapped Sending

Specifies whether overlapped sending is on or off

Interdigit Timeout

The time to wait between digits before timing out.

500 ms

T301 Ringing Timeout

Specifies the Ringing timeout timer in milliseconds

180000 ms

T303 Setup Sent Timeout

Specifies the setup sent timeout timer in milliseconds

4000 ms

T310 Call Proceeding Received Timeout

Specifies the call proceeding received timeout timer in milliseconds

10000 ms