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Alias NewName OriginalName ;

Used in assigning more human-readable names to the DB::User queries. For example:

Alias LockAccount User0;

Allows the use of DB::LockAccount(); in place of DB::User0();

Alias is not the same as #define or similar functions in other languages. Alias only replaces function names.


Returns the length, in characters, of the specified parameter. If the parameter is a number, it is first be converted to a string, so, Length(10.3) returns 4.

Mid(Parameter, StartPos [, Length])

Returns the characters from StartPos (0-based) for Length characters. The Length parameter can be omitted or set to 0, in which case all characters from StartPos to the end of the string are returned.

Left(Parameter, Length)

Returns Length number of characters, starting at the beginning of the string

Right(Parameter, Length)

Returns Length number of characters, starting at the end of the string

Pos(Parameter1, Parameter2)

Returns the position (0-based) of the string Parameter1 inside Parameter2

For example, if Parameter1 is "middle" and Parameter2 is "begin middle end", then Pos returns 6. If Parameter1 is not found in Parameter2 , -1 is returned.


Returns the integer value of the parameter

Int(-20.7) returns -20 and Int(20.7 ) returns 20.

Debug(Parameter [,Level])

Trace(Parameter [,Level])

Outputs Parameter to the VX TRACE facility, at the requested level

Level is a value from 0 (least important) to 15 (most important). If 'Level' is omitted, then 'Info' (Level 7) is used. Levels range from 0-15, with 15 being the most important.


Sets the error handler for this function to FunctionName

Sleep (count)

Pauses the script for "count" milliseconds

The actual resolution is between 5-10 milliseconds of accuracy, depending on the load.

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