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View CAS Profile

At the directory tree, expand the Channel Profile Tables. Select the CAS MRD Channel profile.

Modify CAS Profile

Double-click on a line in the Channel Profile Table for a CAS type, or highlight a line and use the Edit... popup menu option to access the dialog box for a line in this table.

Edit Default CAS MRD Channel Profile Table Entries > Dialog



Ring-Down Destination

Called Party Number to be used in call setup.

Own Number

Own number of the terminating channel. Also used as calling party number if in call setup.

Digit Type

Modulation used for inband digits.
Values = DTMF or MF

Idle Rx Bits

Receives ABCD bit pattern to signal the idle state.

Seize Rx Bits

Receives ABCD bit pattern to seize the channel.

Idle Tx Bits

Transmits ABCD bit pattern to indicate idle state.

OOS Block Tx Bits

Transmits bit pattern when Out of Service/Blocked.

Ignore Rx ABCD Bits

Ignores incoming ABCD bits, such as on-hook or off-hook. Default entry: No. This option is only required for enabling Hoot'n Holler feature. On subsequent calls after configuration change, any call initiated from the CAS MRD side will be ignored.

Ignore OOS Block Bits

Ignores incoming OOS block bits. Default entry: Yes. This field is required only when ABCD bits indicating out of service on other end need to be acted upon. If this field is set to No, if the far end drops out of service, the CAS channel will also go out of service.

Seize Tx Bits

Transmits ABCD bit pattern to indicate that a channel has been seized.

Generated Wink Time

Time in ms that the ABCD bits are held seized to signal the wink.

Idle Reset Delay

Time to wait at the end of a call before going on hook. Default entry: 500 ms.

Bit Debounce time (0=default)

Set the time in ms that bits must remain stable before they are processed (0=default).

Rx minimum wink duration

The received wink needs to hold the "seize" state for at least the length of this value to initiate a call.

Min. Call Refresh Interval

Once VX detects a successful wink from the MRD side, it will act upon a subsequent wink only after the configured value "Min. call refresh interval" in CAS MRD channel profile. Default value: 6 seconds.

OOS Proving Period

Enables "CAS permanent circuit" feature. Maximum time for which the channel is held in connected state before it is taken down (during framer outage/downtime). This timer is applicable only for channels in Connected state, and not in any other state. Valid entry: 0 seconds - 3600 seconds. Default entry: 0 seconds.

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