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Use tools and procedures in this section to set parameters for specified IP interface peers.

View IP Interface Peers

Select the Networking > Ethernet Adapters > Peer Table .

Add IP Interface Peers

Insert a new line in the Peers Table screen, then double-click the line to present the Edit Peer dialog box.

Modify IP Interface Peers

Double-click on table line in the Peer Table .

Edit IP Interface Peers Dialog>




Select to enable or disable the peers.

Peer Type

Select the peer type from the drop down box. Options include VX node, ICMP or SIP Options.

Node ID

The Node ID of the remote VX


The IP address or FQDN of the remote VX. If the Peer type is set to ICMP or SIP-Options, this field is IPAddress/FQDN.

Ignore Port Match

Check the box to configure checking of the LQM status of the peer with or without the port specified.

VTP Timeout

Specifies how long to wait for voice packets before the packet is dispatched
If this value is set to 20 ms the VX node waits for two 10 ms packets before sending out one Frame Packed 20 ms packet. Setting this field any higher than 10 ms makes each call use less bandwidth but it increases the speech latency by the configured value.

Boost Multiplier

Specifies how much to raise the metric of the route if the first call fails

Failure Holdoff

Specifies the duration waited for failed calls to a node before increasing the priority of a route
If it is set to 500 ms and 4 failures occur the priority will only be boosted by one increment of the boost multiplier.


Select the DiffServ Level from the drop down dialog box.

Pings to Reactivate Peer

Enter the number of pings required to bring up a LQM link.

Pings to Deactivate Peer

Enter the number of failed pings required to bring a LQM link down.

Ping Interval

Select the radio button and enter the number of seconds for the ping interval. This specifies how frequently to send the Link Quality Management pings to determine the round trip delay of the link.
If not selected, the Link Quality Management system is disabled.
If the peer pings are disabled for an enabled FQDN peer, the FQDN will still be resolved into multiple IP Addresses. None of the IP addresses will be pinged and assumed to be "UP". Disabling LQM on any type of peer means that peer is assumed to always be up.
Select the Disabled radio button to disable peer pings.

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