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View H.323 Channel Profile

At the directory tree, expand the Channel Profile Tables. Select the Default H.323 profile

Add H.323 Channel Profile

Not possible: lines cannot be added to any channel profile table.

Modify H.323 Channel Profile

Either double-click on a line in the Channel Profile Table for an H.323 type, or highlight a line and use the Edit... popup menu option to access the dialog box for a line in this table.

Edit Default H.323 Channel Profile Table Entries Dialog



Use 1720 source call sig port

Enable or disable, to specify that H.323 messages originate from port 1720, even if this is physically untrue.

Fast start

Enable or disable fast-start media negotiation protocol.

H.245 tunneling

Enable or disable H.245 tunneling for the channel.

H.245 address in setup

Allow (yes) or disallow (no).
Specifies whether to include the H.245 address in the setup message
If disabled, H.245 can commence when the remote device sends its H.245 address or when VX sends its H.245 address in the CONNECT message. It is normally enabled but it can be disabled for internetworking with certain devices.

Send start H.245 facility msg

Specifies the message to wait for before sending the Start H.245 Facility message
H.245 is required for DTMF and fax to fast start systems and for all audio in normal start systems. The Start H.245 messages tell the remote device to initiate the H.245 negotiation process.
This setting is not used when the remote device has already indicated the H.245 address or its own start H.245 facility message.

G.729 mode

This option allows you to set the G.729 negotiation parameters
This option can be set to negotiate with equipment that requires a specific G.729 mode.

Bearer Capability Transfer Mode

The bearer capability mode setting overrides the H.323 setup message.

Bearer Capability Transfer Rate

The bearer capability rate setting overrides the H.323 setup message.

Interdigit Timeout

Sets the interdigit timeout: Default value is 500 milliseconds
The interdigit timer is used for waiting for SAM messages. When the timer expires, VX routes the call based on the received information.