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Use guidelines in this section to identify and log into the VX node to be monitored. Monitoring begins when the VXwatch monitoring screen appears.

Launching the VXwatch Application

1. From the Windows Start menu, start the VXwatch application to access the VXwatch connect dialog box:
Start > Programs > net > VXwatch

2. At the VXwatch connect dialog box, identify the VX node ID to be monitored. Click Connect on the VXwatch connect dialog box to present the VXwatch login dialog.

3. Enter you username and password. Click OK on the login dialog box to present the VXwatch monitoring screen.

Time of Day Restrictions

Users can be configured with time of day restrictions which limit when they can log into VX. If a user attempts to log in to VX during a time for which they do not have permission to log in, an Access Denied message is displayed.

If you receive this message, try logging in during the hours when access to VX is permitted. To change time of day restrictions, contact the VX administrator for this site.

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