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  1. Run the serial CLI for the new node and configure the node specific parameters like Node name, IP Address and so forth.
  2. Open VXbuilder, click on "Receive" button. The minimal configuration provided by you above is received from the node. A master wizard now pops up. It presents you with three choices:



Run Wizard

If you choose the first option, then he is asked to choose the Wizard he wants to run. After this the wizard walks you through a set of questions to configure the node in one of the standard scenarios.

Apply Standard Template

If you choose this option, then a browser window opens which prompts you to choose the standard template to be applied, from the supplied prepackaged ones. You can apply a template of your choice and configure the node manually for specific configuration items. For details see Using a Configuration Template

Configure Manually

If you chooses this option, the master wizard is exited and you can configure the node manually. Same for the case when you click the Cancel button.

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