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Function FunctionName(Parameters) {
Function body;

Declares a function called FunctionName

If (condition) {
} else {

Evaluates condition , and if true, executes the code in true-part , otherwise, if false, executes the code in the false-part

Var VariableName;

Declares a new variable

Static VariableName;

Declares a static variable. Static variables may have an initial value set by assignment.

Return Value;

Returns from the function, optionally returning specified Value

While (condition) {

Keep executing body while condition is true

Do {
} While (condition);

Execute body at least once, then evaluate condition , and keep repeating body while condition is true

This differs from a While loop in that condition is evaluated after the body of the loop instead of before.


Stops execution of all functions, and returns immediately

Public Static variablename;

Declares a public variable (accessible from other functions)

Only permitted outside of the body of any functions. Also, only static variables can be made public.

Uses ModuleName;

Causes the system to load ModuleName for additional functions and variables

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