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Port information is available at the VXwatch Monitor screen in the form of port numbers as well as detailed reports that you can obtain by clicking a specific port box.

Port Numbering

Each VX node port is identified at the VXwatch Monitor screen by its physical port number location. Each port number is formatted to provide shelf.slot.port information.

  • Shelf number is always 1.
  • Physical card number (or slot) is numbered from 1 through n, beginning at the top of the chassis.
  • As dependent on the card type, a port number ranges from 1 to n, beginning at the top of the card faceplate.

Viewing port nomenclature for shelf 1, slot 2, port 3: 1.2.3

Port Details

View port details associated with a specified port by clicking on a port ID in the VXwatch Monitor screen and clicking Properties on the tool bar. The Port Properties screen has two buttons. Click the buttons to toggle the contents of the display. The port Alarms tab has a show all possible alarms check box. When selected all possible alarms are listed. Active alarms are displayed in bold type.

Port Properties Status Display Dialogs