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Use the following steps to back-up a configuration file.

Back Up a Configuration File

1. Connect to the VX node from the VXbuilder application.

2. Click Receive or Connect menu > Receive Configuration Data

3. At the Connect dialog box, specify the node's IP address, and click OK.

4. Enter your user ID and password when prompted.

5. Save the current configuration to a file. This operation presents the Windows Save As screen from which to select a location for the file.

6. Click Export or File menu > Export

7. Put the file into a specified location.

8,. The file is saved with a .cfg extension.

Use the following steps to restore a backup configuration for VXbuilder.

Restore a Backup Configuration to VXbuilder

1. Access the file from its saved location. This operation presents the Open screen from which to select the file.

2. Click Import or File menu > Import

3. Select the file you want to restore to the VXbuilder, and click Open .

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