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This library has been set up to provide an easy method to categorize and re-use images in the NET documentation. While subsequent administators may find a variation on the organizational schema that suits the needs of image management better, the current architecture was determined to provide the most scalable solution with an eye toward providing much more detailed documentation of application screens.

The basic architecture is as follows:

Images are divided into two major categories, images and illustrations. Within each of these categories, there are further divisions into images and illustrations relating to hardware, software, and Quickstart Guides. Within the two latter categories there are categories for screenshots, which are intended only to show the actual screen and its options, and for configuration examples, which are intended to show examples of settings for specific implementations.

The images and illustrations are attached to pages named for the screen they illustrate, or for the hardware or Quickstart guide they relate to. While in most cases there is only one image for each screen illustration, it is expected that, in the future, there will be many more screenshots for each screen, which will illustrate the various options that can users can work with in that screen. In the cases of the hardware and Quickstart illustrations, all the images are simply attached to a single page.

The pages with attached images have been given the same names as their content pages in the documentation, so matching images to content is simply a matter of looking for the image attachment page of the same name. The images themselves have been given the same name as their captions, with placholders for all images having been added to the text and linked to the page where the image will be attached. It is strongly recommended that all images be given the same name as their caption moving forward, otherwise it will become extremely diffcult, moving forward, to track where images appear in the documentation.

Finally, each page that contains an image has been given an _image label, and a page for tracking images has been included in the Space Administrator's pages.

The code used for placing images on a page follows this syntax:

{anchor: <anchor title>}
{panel:title=<image caption>}
!<attachment page name>^<IMAGE NAME>|align=center!

The recommendations for image size and format is that they do not exceed 400px in width, and are created as .png files. Note that Confluence only supports JPEG, GIF, and PNG formats for images.

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