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Occasionally it is desirable to modify the called number several times before making a final routing decision. With VX, It is possible to direct call routes into other call routes. This permits the called number to be evaluated, changed, then the new output evaluated again.

IP Phone Users

In the example, a PBX user dials extension 1213 which the PBX forwards to VX.

VX Call Routing Table #2, item #6, matches a called number that starts with 12 and has a total of 4 digits. The output prepends 555 to the number, resulting in a new called number, 5551213. As the last step, Item #6 directs the call back into Call Route Table #2 to be evaluated again on the new number.

During the next pass through Call Routing Table #2, Item #7 searches AD for any IP Phone entry that matches the called number 5551213. As it matches, VX retrieves that same IP Phone number and sends it to the mediation server on OCS on Trunk Group #7.

The nested call route feature permits the incoming called number to have 555 prepended before querying AD.

Calling IP Phones

Processing Call Route Configuration

AD and SIP Parameters in the Call Route

Call Routing Table