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Uploading System Files

1. Connect to the VX node from the VXbuilder application.

2. Click Manage Files or File menu > Manage System Files

3. At the Connect dialog box, specify the node's IP address, and click OK.

4. Enter your user ID and password when prompted.

The login dialog box will display a warning if the connection is not encrypted using TLS.

5. After a successful login with administrator level access or audit user access the Choose the File Management Activity dialog box is displayed.

Operations not allowed for a user are greyed out and not available for selection. Audit users are not allowed to upload any files

6. Click the Upload Files to VX dialog button.

7. The File Management window is displayed.

8. Navigate to and select the files you wish to upload.

9. Click the Open button.

10. The VXbuilder destination folder window is displayed.

11. Select the destination directory on the node.

12. Click the Select button.

13. Selecting the destination folder initiates the uploading process.

14. To cancel the file upload, click the Cancel button.

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