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The power supply is located in the rear right hand side of the chassis (viewed from the front). It is held in place by 2 screws inside the chassis and a screw and barrel nut (which doubles as the ground post) on the rear panel outside the chassis. There are 2 DC connectors (20 pin and 4 pin) that connect the power supply to the motherboard.

Power Supply Location

Removing the Power Supply

As the DC power leads are tied wrapped underneath the Hard Drive, it will have to be removed from its mounts to gain access. Follow the steps in Removing the Hard Drive to remove the hard drive.

  1. Cut the tie wraps that hold the DC power leads to the bottom of the chassis (note the routing of the leads from the power supply to the motherboard).
  2. Remove the 20 pin and 4 pin connectors from the motherboard
  3. Remove the ground strap and 2 screws from the power supply inside the chassis (note that the ground strap attaches to the left hand screw - viewed from front of chassis).
  4. Remove the barrel nut (which is also the external ground post) and screw from the rear of the chassis.
Replacing the Power Supply
  1. Install the power supply in the chassis, ensuring that the screw holes line up
  2. At the rear of the chassis, re-insert the Barrel nut & screw through the chassis into the rear of the power supply.
  3. In the chassis, re-insert the screws at the front of the power supply and tighten.
  4. Route the DC power leads as previously note inside the chassis.
  5. Plug the 20 pin and 4 pin power connectors into the motherboard.
  6. Tie Wrap the power leads to the bottom of the chassis.
  7. Replace the hard drive by following the steps in Replacing the Hard Drive.
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