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Fan filter service applies to the VX900 only, not the VX900C.

The VX900 system contains no internal user serviceable parts (that is, hard disk drive, power supplies, flash, etc.). For module upgrade or replacement call NET Technical Support. Attempting internal repairs during the warranty period may void the warranty. Always refer servicing to qualified service personnel.

VX900 Fan Filter Cleaning
The VX900 is equipped with a removable fan filter located at the front of the system. This filter requires periodic cleaning.

Servicing the Fan Filter on the VX900

  1. Squeeze the plastic peg on the front panel bezel and pull the bezel outward from its location.
  2. Remove the bezel by pressing the two side latches inward.
  3. Pull out the filter from its location.
  4. Clean the filter with plain water.
  5. Make sure the filter is clean and dry.
  6. Replace the filter in its installed position and close the front bezel by pressing it back into position.
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