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Before placing a VX system in service, complete the tasks identified in this section.

  1. Review the safety, space and equipment requirements for installation of a VX unit.
  2. Unpack and inspect the product and confirm that all plug-in modules that you ordered are properly seated in the VX chassis. Contact Sonus if you find damage or errors in the packaging.
  3. Position and secure the VX device at a rack or in a cabinet.
  4. Connect the earth ground cable(s) to the VX chassis.
  5. Connect the AC power cord, or DC power cabling to the VX chassis.

    Verify that circuit breaker(s) are in the OFF position before connecting power to the chassis. The breaker(s) should be located on the Power and Alarm Panel mounted in the rack above the chassis.

  6. Attach all communications cables to the VX chassis and to the cable distribution system.
  7. Perform a bootstrap configuration of the VX system.
  8. Perform additional software installations and updates, including database migration if upgrading to a new release.

Install, maintain, or replace this equipment only if you are trained and qualified as defined by AZ/NZS 3260 Clause Service Personnel.

Always disconnect the power source to the system when work is done on or around the power supplies. Be sure you have a full understanding o high powered electronics components before servicing these components. Failure to follow this guideline could result in personal injury, death, damage to the equipment or loss of data.

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