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VXscript provides functions for database access to retrieve useful information such as:

  • Calling card parameters
  • Customer balances
  • Rate information for placing calls
  • User preferences

VXscript IVR scripts can also be programmed to:

  • Receive responses from a caller in the format of DTMF (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency, also known as TouchTone digits)
  • Play audio recordings to the caller.
  • Perform call length calculations and notify callers of time remaining.
  • Set routing and CDR information.
  • Update ODBC databases through VXgate.
  • Communicate with other devices via TCP/IP.
  • Return to scripting via timer, user digit press, and call clearing.

VXscript files are called modules. A module can contain any number of functions.

VXscript syntax is similar to the C programming language. VXscript is flexible and allows for a variety of different formatting and operator usage.

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