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SIP Trunking services offer an opportunity for organizations to dramatically reduce operating costs for telecommunications services. By leveraging Internet Protocol (IP) connections and existing data network infrastructure, organizations can realize cost savings and gain additional flexibility in their telecommunications services.

Migrating an organization to SIP-based system with a SIP trunking provider can cause implementation challenges without a use of a demarcation device. Simply trying to manage compatibility between your SIP trunking service providers, new SIP equipment and existing equipment can be a major challenge.

Deploying VX Series system as demarcation device can greatly ease the burden of integrating new SIP trunking services, SIP devices and existing equipment by acting as a Demarcation Device at the edge of the customer premise. The VX system can translate between varying SIP signalling protocols, audio encoding, security policies and even integrate existing TDM equipment into the new system, providing greater flexibility and ensuring the success of SIP Trunk services deployments. A VX solution also acts as a Session Border Controller by offering enterprises security from external and internal threats to voice networks, provides system redundancy, availability, and resiliency.

Configuring VX for SIP Trunking

Refer to these resources for more information on how to configure VX to work with SIP Trunks:

Refer to these resources for more information on configuring VX to work with SIP and non-SIP phone network resources:

Solution Advantages

The VX solution for SIP Trunking offers some key advantages over other solutions.

Any-to-Any Protocol Conversion

VX provides true, any-to-any protocol translation and media interworking between H.323, SIP, TDM signaling, DTMF encoding while supporting a wide variety of codecs including Microsoft RT Audio. For more information, see VX Key Concepts.

High Availability and Resiliency

A VX system enables high availability SIP Trunking services by connecting to two or more SIP Trunk providers, routing calls to two or more services and routing calls around out-of-service connections. For more information, see Understanding and Configuring Trunk Groups with VX, Configuring Call Routing with VX and Call Routing Management.

Security (Session Border Controller)

The VX system protects your organization from external threats and keeps communications secure. VX includes a built-in firewall to resist Denial of Service attacks and other potential network intruders. VX supports Network Address Translation (NAT), can encrypt communications using Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Real Time Protocol (SRTP), and even decrypt and re-encrypt communications to work with existing security hardware and system requirements. For more information about VX security features, see Firewall and Network Address Translation (NAT) Support, Managing General Settings and Managing Trunk Groups.

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