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VX can call VXscript functions directly (as a result of an incoming call, during an established call or at call tear down). VXscript functions can call other functions in the same module or in other modules.

Function Format

Functions have the following syntax:

FunctionName(Parameter1, Parameter2, ...){
[Function body]

If a function is called with unspecified optional parameters, the missing parameters are given the empty value (variables are described in the Variables section)

If a function is called with too many parameters, the extra parameters are ignored

Calling a Function

To call a function from another module, the following format is used:

ModuleName::FunctionName(Parameter1, Parameter2, ...);

Return Values

Functions may return a value (a number, string, or variable). The caller of a function may ignore this return value. A call to a function may be used in an expression in the same way as numbers, strings, and variables.

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