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The environmental and electrical specifications of the VX systems identified in this appendix refer to a fully configured system. The VX900C chassis meets stringent environmental and electrical conditions required by telecommunication network service providers. Specifically, the DC-powered chassis meets NEBS Level 3 compliant standards as required by Telcordia specification SR 3580.

For details about the standards compliance of the VX system, see Compliance and Safety Information.

VX900C Power Specifications



Power Supply

ATX 200 W-AC (With PCF): +5V/25A, +12V/8A, -5V/0.5, -12V/0.5A, +3.3V/14A, +5VSB/1.5A

Input Voltage

100-240 VAC Nominal, Auto-switching, 50-60 Hz

M.T.B.F. (power supply)

>110,000 hours

Max Power Consumption

260 watts BTW

Circuit Breaker Specifications

The circuit breakers listed below are recommended for external use to protect against excess current, short-circuits, and earth faults.

Unit type

Breaker Type


10 Amp


6 Amp, 115 V; 3 Amp, 230 V

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