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This section details the prerequistes for installing Extended UC functionality with VX.

Before You Begin

Installation of the Extended UC Features requires the following:

  • Upgrade VX to version 4.7.2

    Ensure that you save a copy of your configuration from VXbuilder BEFORE upgrading the VX to version 4.7.2.

  • Open port 3478 in your external firewall
  • Install certificates on VX
  • Add VX as an Microsoft Office Communication Server (OCS) gateway

Any configuration that includes (native) SIP to MOC calls using VXe must employ a STIX TDM card. Two ports on that card must be looped together and the SIP-to-MOC calls must traverse this loop. This permits transcoding to the MSRTA codec.

Unblock Firewall Ports

In your external firewall, you must unblock port 3478 for User Datagram Protocol (UDP) communication. The Mediation Server has the option of using 3478 TCP, however RTP over TCP can provide a poor user experience with audio. RTP over UDP is far more robust over long latency lines. Using the RTP over UDP configuration improves call quality and the overall user experience.

You must also open a block of ports in the 50000-59999 range for SRTP/RTCP on your external firewall, this block of ports must match your UC configuration.


Ensure that DNS entries point to the correct interface. The inside fully qualified domain name (FQDN) must point to the inside Edge Server interface. The same applies for the external interface.