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The following sections describe the expected behavior from the RADIUS servers.

CDR Related

A CDR is considered billable only if the h323-disconnect-cause is equal to `16' in the account stop request.

Time spent in the IVR

To calculate the time spent by the users in the IVR system additional VSA had to be added. The following diagram shows how to calculate this stat in the billing system:.

Message Flow for a Prepaid Call

The accounting stop requests (for call leg 2 - messages 22 and 52) will have an additional VSA (206) net-initial-conn-time. This time indicates when the user was connected to the IVR. When the "net-initial-conn-time" is subtracted from the "h323-disconnect-time", the total time spent for this call (including the time spent in IVR) is obtained. For failed calls the difference between h323-setup-time and Net-initial-conn-time gives the time spent in the IVR. For successful calls the difference between h323-setup-time and net-initial-conn-time should indicate the time spent in the IVR. Note that the value of this field is refreshed for every call within an IVR session so that this information can be gathered more granularly. All the CDRs within an IVR session should have the same h323-incoming-conf-id to correlate the CDRs.