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Routing to Communicator Clients Using Nested Active Directory-based Call Routing

OCS User Profile

AD Telephony Attribute for OCS User

Nested Call Routes

In this example, Call Route Table #2, Item #1 takes all incoming called numbers, , and appends a tel:. A called number of15105551213 would yield a new called number of tel:+15105551213. Since the destination of the call route is Call Route Table #4, tel:+15105551213 would be evaluated against call routes in that table.

Call Routing Table #4, Item #1, performs an AD lookup against all MOC (Communicator) Numbers listed in the AD. If tel:+15105551213 exists as an MOC Number, VX retrieves that MOC Number and sends the call back to DestCallRoute Table #2.

Call Routing Table #2, Item #2, is used to strip the tel: from any called number. Since tel:+15105551213 matches, the new Output called number is +151505551213. The call is directed out to the mediation server,

This process permitted the call to be sent through the call routing process several times before actually placing the call to an outgoing Trunk Group.

Call Route Processing

Processing AD Call Route Parameter

Processing SIP Proxy Parameters