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To establish the IP address to which SNMP traps are sent, select the SNMP traps subdirectory from the Logging directory.

View SNMP Traps

Select the SNMP subdirectory for the VX node and view contents at the SNMP Traps screen.

Edit SNMP Trap Server Dialog



IP Address or FQDN

The IP address or Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) to which SNMP traps should be sent. Traps use the community configured on the General Settings page. If no community is configured for traps, VX uses the SNMP Community Name.


This field enables SNMPv3 on an outgoing trap. Two options are available:

  • Selected. The VX sends SNMPv3 traps with trap PDU type v2 security over TLS.
  • Deselected. The VX sends SNMPv1 traps with trap PDU type v1.
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