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After creating a WRTC instance, user can choose any suitable software to access console. The below procedure use PuTTY with SSH protocol to access the instance. 

Perform the following steps to access WRTC VM console.

For security purpose you must only use port number 2024 to connect to WRTC VM using any SSH or Telnet client like PuTTY.

  1. Open the PuTTY console.
    The PuTTY Configuration window appears:

    Figure : Login Through Putty

  2. Enter linuxadmin to login to WRTC.

    When accessing WRTC instance after VM creation, you must first login as linuxadmin and then login as root or wrtc user.

  3. Enter sonus as the password.
    The linuxadmin prompt appears:

    Figure : linuxadmin

  • To login as root user, perform the following steps:
    1. Enter su to login as a root user.
    2. Enter sonus1 password.
      The root user prompt appears:

      Figure : Root User

For more information on initializing WRTC node, see Initializing WRTC Node