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A WRTC cluster consists of one or more WRTC nodes sharing the same configuration.

You can provision a WRTC cluster through centralized management system called EMS. A WRTC cluster is a group of WRTC instances running under one cluster ID.  Each instance of WRTC application of a cluster is identified by EMS through REST interface using the cluster ID. When EMS receives a request from WRTC application it registers the new instance with its cluster ID and sends the WRTC application configuration of the cluster. You can modify the WRTC cluster configuration either online or offline.

A cluster can contain nodes that play different roles within the VNF, but they must all be of the same Sonus node type (such as WRTC).

Using EMS, you can create, update, or delete a cluster.

You need Insight EMS Admin provisioner or higher role to access cluster management interface in EMS.

Create a New Cluster

You need to create a WRTC cluster and register it with the Insight EMS server. To add a new cluster perform the following tasks:

  1. Type https://<EMS ipaddress> in the supported web browser.
  2. Provide the username and password to login to the EMS.
  3. Click Cluster / VNF Management shortcut under Network Mgmnt. The Cluster/VNF Management window is displayed.
  4. Perform one of the following:

    • Click New Cluster button.

      New Cluster section is displayed in Cluster/VNF Management window.

      Figure : New Cluster parameters

      You can use Duplicate Cluster to copy the configuration of existing cluster information and edit it based on requirement.
      To do so, Select an existing cluster under Cluster/VNF List  and click Duplicate Cluster button.

  5. Select or enter the desired values for the following fields:
    • Name - Provide a name for the WRTC cluster.
    • Cluster/VNF Identifier - Generate a unique ID for the cluster (cluster Id).
    • Type - Select WRTC from the drop-down list.
  6. Click Save.

    The following example provides information to create a WRTC cluster.

    Figure : WRTC Cluster

 A node can be registered only after a cluster is created and configured.

Figure : New Cluster not Configured

For more information about cluster configuration, refer to WRTC Cluster Configuration.

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