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The Sonus Generic SDK is initialized by saving the following configuration:

config = new sonus.wrtc.serverInfo({
    serverAddress: server_ip,
    webSocketPort: websocket_port,
    useRelativeRestPath: false,
    restPort: rest_port,
    relayAddress: turn_url,
    relayPort: turn_port,
    relayUsername: turn_user,
    relayPassword: turn_pwd,
    sipUsername: sip_Username,
    sipPassword: sip_Password,
    earlyCandidatesTimeout: 500,
    rtpPortMin: 1024,
    rtpPortMax: 65534,
    ackInterval: 30000,
    reconnectInterval: 5000,
    reconnectRetries: 3
    useSessionRehydration: useSessionRehydration });


relayAddress is the TURN server URL.

relayUsername/relayPassword is the TURN server credentials.

server_ip is the WRTC server ip.

Websocket port is used for communication between the server and client, port value is 9080.

The default value of useRelativeRestPath is false.

Rest port: communication used by rest protocol. Value is 80.

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