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Sonus WebRTC Gateway can be installed and deployed on different virtualized platforms and deployment configurations.

From WRTC 1.3 release onwards, Sonus WebRTC Gateway can be installed in two different modes of installation:

Cluster Mode: This is the conventional mode of installation which includes the Operating system, package, and database installation. CDRs and logs are saved in Cassadra database. The Cluster mode of installation supports both large and small configurations. In this mode of installation, WRTC cluster is configured and managed through EMS, refer to Configuring Sonus WebRTC Gateway.

Appliance Mode: This mode of Installation includes Operating system and package installation without the Cassandra database. CDRs are generated on local disk. The Appliance mode of installation supports small configuration. This mode of installation consists of two nodes, active and standby, which are configured and managed through Configuring WRTC Through Onboard Management.

This section provides information on installing WRTC in both the modes of installation and generic deployment configurations.

From WRTC 1.1 onwards ISO, OVA, and Qcow2 consist of OS bundled with debian package instead of rpm.

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