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The sample web client application is part of Sonus WRTC solution that includes the following sample applications. This sample applications guide developers who want to create their own application in their web server.

Following are some of the sample applications:

UC App

The Unified application follows a responsive design that is compatible with any devices such as, mobile phone, tablet, desktop and device layouts. The UC application acts as a hybrid application in android devices.

  • Address Book and Presence Status

  • Browser-to-Browser Communication

  • Group Chat Communication

  • P2P Conferencing

  • Conference Rooms

  • Call History Information

  • Screen and File Sharing

  • Browser-to-SIP Communication

For more information on these features and step-by-step instructions, see Sample Unified Communication Applications.

Hello App

This application allows user to make call and create conference room for group communication.

For more information on this application see Hello App.

Sample App

This application is to make basic two party call session that can be mute or unmute or hold or resume by the call parties.

For more information on this application see Audio and Video Call Application with Code.


The sample application is only for your reference, you can use the sample application to know how the SDK features are implemented and leverage it to meet your requirement. All sample applications can be accessed from


The below picture depicts the home page of WRTC sample application.

Figure : Web Client Application

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