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The table lists the features supported by Sonus WRTC Client SDK and Sonus Generic SDK.

FeatureSonus WRTC Client SDKJavaScript Sonus Generic SDKAndroid Sonus Generic SDKiOS Sonus Generic SDK
Basic Call (Audio / Video)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
ORTC two-party call (IM / Audio / Video)(tick)
IM on Websocket(tick)(tick)(tick)
IM on Data Channel(tick)(tick)(tick)
Call Hold(tick)(tick)(tick)
Call Retrieve(tick)(tick)(tick)
Call Waiting(tick)(tick)
Call Modalities (Upgrade / Downgrade) two-party(tick)(tick)
Audio /Video mute / unmute(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Full Screen (tick)(tick)
Remote Party Picture Capture (tick)(tick)
BuddyList operations such as add, remove, and tagging(tick)(tick)(tick)
Conference Support - add participants(tick)(tick)
Group Chat(tick)(tick)
Group Chat Upgrade to Conference(tick)(tick)
Session Re-hydration for two-party call(tick)(tick)(tick)
Call Modalities for conference(tick)
Conference Feature such as join room(tick)(tick)
HA for two-party call or Multi-party call(tick)(tick)
Handle 183, 182, 181 provisional response with media (tick)(tick)(tick)
Session re-hydration for Conference(tick)
Session re-hydration for group chat(tick)(tick)
Call History(tick)(tick)
Option to choose DTMF type such as RTC or INFO (tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Ephemeral authentication support for TURN(tick)
Remote party audio and video mute / unmute support for conference(tick)(tick)
Multiple Point of Presence(tick)(tick)
Device Transfer(tick)(tick)
Device Pickup(tick)(tick)
Data Call(tick)(tick)(tick)
File Transfer(tick)(tick)(tick)
Screen share call(tick)(tick)
SIP username and password support(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
IM (Chat) upgrade to Audio/Video call(tick)(tick)
Custom header support in INVITE(tick)(tick)
Data channel with any form of data not just JSON(tick)(tick)
One-way upgrade/downgrade of Call(tick)
Social login support(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
WebApp Token Authentication(tick)(tick)(tick)
Custom Token Authentication(tick)(tick)(tick)