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At the end of the call, WRTC SDK collects the media-related statistics which can be posted to any configured application server URL. The configured URL is accessed from https://statsserverip:8443/stats/index.html to get the available statistics from the WRTC Statistics server.

The following figure shows a sample WRTC clients statistics reporting GUI:

Figure : WRTC Client Statistics GUI

 The following parameters are optional and can be used in any combination to fetch the media statistics.



The session id of the application.


The caller of the present call.


The callee of the present call.


Application type.


From Date.


To Date.

The following media-related statistics are collected using Sonus WebRTC SDK. 

The statistics report is browser specific. All browsers do not provide all the statistics as mentioned in the following table.


Media Related StatisticsStatistics
RTC Inbound RTP StreamStatistics
  • packetsReceived
  • bytesReceived
  • packetsLost
  • jitter
  • fractionLost
RTC Outbound RTP Stream Statistics
  • packetsSent
  • bytesSent
  • targetBitrate
  • roundTripTime
RTC Media Stream Track Statistics
  • trackIdentifier
  • remoteSource
  • ssrcIds
  • frameWidth
  • frameHeight
  • framesPerSecond
  • framesSent
  • framesReceived
  • framesDecoded
  • framesDropped
  • framesCorrupted
  • audioLevel
  • echoReturnLoss
  • echoReturnLossEnhancement 
RTC Data Channel Statistics
  • label
  • protocol
  • datachannelid
  • state
  • messagesSent
  • bytesSent
  • messagesReceived
  • bytesReceived
RTC TransportStatistics
  • bytesSent
  • bytesReceived
  • rtcpTransportStatsId
  • activeConnection
  • selectedCandidatePairId
  • localCertificateId
  • remoteCertificateId
RTC Ice Candidate Attributes
  • ipAddress
  • portNumber
  • transport
  • candidateType
  • priority
  • addressSourceUrl
RTC Ice Candidate Pair Statistics
  • transportId
  • localCandidateId
  • remoteCandidateId
  • state
  • priority
  • nominated
  • writable
  • readable
  • bytesSent
  • bytesReceived
  • roundTripTime
  • availableOutgoingBitrate
  • availableIncomingBitRate