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After logging into the Sonus WebRTC application on your iOS phone, you can make video calls or voice only calls to other WRTC users. WRTC supports the browser related video and voice codecs; the media policy configured on WRTC decides which codec must be used, by default WRTC uses Opus codec for voice. You can cancel a call even before it is established and during a call either the caller or the callee can end the call.

Perform the following steps to make an audio or video call:

  1. On the Sonus WebRTC Settings page, perform the following steps to enter the WRTC server details:

    1. Enter the server details such as server IP, username, password in the corresponding fields.

    2. Click Save.

      Figure : Settings Page

  2. In the Login page enter the username , user email address, admin credentials, enterprise name and phone number.

  3. Select your gender.

  4. Click Login.

    Figure : Application Login Page

    The Dashboard page displays.

    Figure : Dashboard Page

  5. Enter the callee information like caller ID and click the following options:

    Figure : Callee Information

    • Dial for audio call.

    • Video for video call.

  6. For an audio call WRTC prompts to access microphone, click OK.

    Figure : Microphone Access Prompt

  7. For an video call WRTC prompts to access microphone, click OK.

    Figure : Camera Access Prompt

  8. A call is established only when the callee accepts to answer the call.

    Figure : Call is Establised

  9. Click Hangup to end the call.

    Figure : Call Ending


  10. Navigate to the user profile page. 

  11. Click Logout.

    Figure : User Profile Page