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After successfully submitting a request, you can view the response data in the details panel. The fields in the response are view-only and cannot be edited.

This procedure assumes you have just sent a request or you have opened a saved response.

To view a response, do the following:

  1. Click on either the Policy, Trigger, Download, or MidCallPolicy Response folder. The corresponding fields appear in the detail panel populated with the response data. You can scroll through the fields or select a specific field from the list in the navigation panel.

  2. To view a specific field, select the desired field from the navigation panel. The corresponding field appears in the details panel with the text in bold.


The figure below shows the Routes directory expanded to show the list of the 10 returned routes. The Routes field also appears at the top of the details panel. To view the response details for a particular route, click on the route in the navigation panel.

Figure : Response Screen

For definitions of each field in the response, see Response Field Descriptions page.