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For Release 16.0.0, the DSC 8000 supports rollback paths from Releases 16.0.0 to 14.x.y or 15.x.y.

The screen captures in this page are examples only and are the same between releases with the exception of the software version numbers in these screen captures.

A software rollback process should only be performed in case severe issues occur shortly after the software upgrade. Any provisioning or configuration changes that have been made after an upgrade are lost after a rollback.

The rollback to a previous software version is performed using the Express Rollback method. It is recommended that you do not run traffic during this process.

You must use the Menu-based user interface (Menu or Text UI) to perform this procedure. For more information about this UI, see Web UI and Menu UI Guide.

It is recommended that you review the software rollback terminology (see Software Rollback Terminology) before starting the procedure (Software Rollback Process) in this section.

Do not log onto the system using the shared IP addresses on the Management CPUs during the rollback process described in this section. These addresses are disabled as part of the rollback process.