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General Release Process

Update the following pages

Lock Space for Editing (Optional)

This step is only necessary if you have many folks actively editing the documentation.

  • Send an email out to your authors and editor to stop any changes and save their work.
  • In the Space Admin panel, restrict editing to just the docs release team to prevent half-completed changes from creeping into the release.

Export Documentation to HTML

  • Click Browse > Advanced and then Export to HTML using the modified HTML Export Layouts
    • do not include Comments
    • deselect all
    • select only the "Home" element in export tree (subpages are automatically selected)
    • export file to .zip
  • Create a new \RC# directory
  • Map network directory (\\hectori\Temp) to a Drive letter (J:) and work from the new J: drive
  • Copy the template materials from the CUST-DOCS-template directory (\\hectori\Temp\VX_User_Documentation\4.7.2\CUST-DOCS-template):
    • \html
    • \images
    • \index
    • *.*
  • Remove previous \html content (if any), including all HTML files, \attachments and \images (however, retain \styles and \js)
  • Extract the exported zip file to staging folder
  • Copy following files in the \VXDOC### folder into the new \html directory, excluding the \styles folder:
    • all HTML files,
    • \attachments folder and
    • \images folder
    • DO NOT COPY the \styles folder
  • Rename \VX-docs\VXDOC\index.html to toc_data.xml, move that file to applet root directory (\RC#\VX-docs)
  • Map network directory (\\hectori\Temp) to a Drive letter (J:) and work from the new J: drive
  • Test the output by opening the \RC#\index.html file

Post-export cleanup

  • fix links embedded in tables
    • change any href="/display/VXDOC471/<encoded_page_name>" to: href="/display/VXDOC471/<decoded_page_name>.html"
    • e.g., Feature Modules page
  • fix attachments with "download/" prefix (future: clean up script):
    • change any "download/attachments/..." image links to "attachments/..."
    • e.g., Introducing VX900, Introducing VX1200, Introducing VX1800
  • Compress pngs
    • Use IrfanView to compress all pngs

      Images have been compressed in the wiki, so this step should not be necessary. Check for export size of ~38MB (not 100MB+).

  • Change top of page header to new version number: "4.7.x to 4.7.5"
  • January (new year) release: check the copyright dates for the new year
  • Verify contents of PDF release notes
    • Check content (make sure not placeholder PDF)
    • URL links must go to (not internal site)

Generate Index

  • Copy all html files to Indexing project and run indexer, or use the Index Builder.
  • Remove old index from staging area \VX-docs\index
  • Copy new index into \VX-docs\index


  • From a local drive copy, double click the index.html file
    • Verify: Tree Browser and search applet appear after giving applet permission to run
  • In the Contents tab, expand tree and click on 10 separate pages
    • Verify: Clicked tree nodes opened the correct page in the right view panel
  • In the Search tab, enter a VX term (SIP, BSP, H.323, etc.) and click Search
    • Verify: Search results appear in the list below
    • Verify: Double click results and they appear in the right view panel
  • Check content and format of updated pages
    • Verify: Content is complete, including images and format matches source (within reason)
  • Check format and content of pages at random
    • Verify: Content is complete, including images and format matches source (within reason)

Deliver to S/W Engineering, Build Installer

Monthly Docs Release Process

Create zip package for web site release

  • zip archive layout:

  • zip file name: VXDocs-<prod-release-no>
    • example:

post new zip file to www site

  • Using Internet Explorer, go to:
  • Click Site Actions > View All Site Content (be patient)
  • Under Document Libraries, click Product Literature then MicrosoftUC
    • Upload the new documentation zip file
      • Title: VX 4.7.2 Customer Documentation - Month Year Release
      • Sort Order: 1
      • Show in Pages: MicrosoftUC (both)
      • Click Check In
    • Remove the old documentation zip file
  • Using Internet Explorer, go back to:
  • Click Site Actions > View All Site Content (be patient)
  • Click Page Content then Service and Support folder
  • Click the Downloads page and choose Edit Item
  • Click Edit Item button at the top
  • Click in the Page Overview edit panel and then click the Edit HTML button
  • Update the link and description and click OK

Send IT Request

  • send the following request to IT (, CC: Valeriy Gavrilutsa; Sam Reynoso) to post the documentation to the public site:

    VX 4.7.2 Documentation Update - Staging to Production Upload

    Hi Guys,

    I have a new version of the VX 4.7.2 documentation ready for release. I've updated these files on staging:




    • Product Literature > MicrosoftUC >

    Please upload these changes to the production site as soon as possible.

    Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks in advance!

Send release notice to NA_Sales; International Sales

Create two versions of the release:

  1. A version for internal use only
  2. A version that can be distributed to partners (and likely, customers)

see attachments for examples

Full Product Release Process

Follow these procedures in addition to the Monthly Release procedures for a full release (GA).

Create CD Image and Cut CD

  • CD root directory layout:

    \installer <<--put installer files here
  • Use UDF 1.02 for CD format (format required because of long file names)

Make ZIP of CD Image

  • For manufacturing / PDM database, zip up the entire contents of the CD
  • Place zipped image in a release-appropriate location here:
    location example: \\grand-central\one4all\Dept\PDM\PDMftp_staging\4.7.1B
    filename example:
  • Notify Manufacturing of completed CD image (e.g., Al Daraiefard)
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