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  • is independent of the operation status of the related equipment/units
  • does not change frequently during the normal operation
  • cannot be changed through the external client interface
  • is independent of configuration management
  • may include data showing static physical relations between equipment or units (for example, card A is in slot B)
  • does not provide information for cards that are unavailable

To receive inventory data, the external client must be configured to use the DSC REST API and the REST API attribute enabled on the DSC. For more information about configuring the DSC REST API, refer to Authentication.

The data model for the Hardware Monitor (YIN file) is not automatically generated for the REST API resources. Instead, a custom resource with URL /api/inventory has been added to DSC REST API.  For more information about data models, refer to Generation of REST API and DSC Data Models

After the REST API is configured for both the external client and DSC, you can use the custom URL /api/inventory to return the inventory data. The URL must include Basic authorization, see the following HTTP GET example:

Code Block
curl -k -u username:password -X GET \

The inventory handler collects the information and performs a sanity check. If the sanity check fails, an error is returned. If the sanity check is successful, the inventory data is returned with the status code 200.


The following table lists the data attributes that the external client receives or can obtain from the DSC response:


For more detailed information about the hardware listed on the following table, refer to the appropriate DSC Installation Guide.

1Inventory List
3Inventory List
Data DSC 8000DSC SWeNotes
Serial Number YESYES

Equipment unique serial number. For a modular system, this is the chassis. 

  • DSC 8000: Serial number of chassis.
  • DSC SWe: UUID of management slot receiving the request.
Node Type YESYESThe node type.
Software Version YESYES

DSC Software version.



Information from the Management slot receiving the request is returned

  • DSC 8000: MAC address of the interface p19p1
  • DSC SWe: MAC address of the interface ha0
Host Name YES YES

Management slot hostname. Information from the Management slot receiving the request is returned.


Name of the operating system

  • DSC 8000: PT Linux
  • DSC SWe: Sonus Linux
OS Release YES


Version and patch level of the operating system.  

Firmware Version YESNO

The MMC and boot code versions per slot.

Hard Drives YESYES

Number and size of hard drives per slot.

Hardware Revision YESNO

FRU records for slots, fan trays, and power supplies in the DSC 8000.


Slot type and slot key number that indicates the position of a slot on the chassis. 


Number and type of CPU cores per each slot


Amount of RAM per each slot