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Comment: addressed Adrien's comment from 6.1.
titleASM Behavior on Sonus SBC 1000/2000 Reboot Operation
(SBC) model, users with a built-in Working with the ASM: SBA, CCE and 3rd Party Applications may be impacted by this operation:

  • Sonus SBC 2000
  • If the ASM is running, rebooting the SBC will cause the ASM to also reboot.
  • If the ASM is shut down, rebooting the SBC will not restart the ASM.
  • To bring the ASM back into operation, you must physically power off and power back on the SBC.
  • Sonus SBC 1000 --- rebooting the SBC will not have an effect on the will only reset the Ethernet port which may create a few second unreachable state for the ASM.

Rebooting the Sonus SBC Edge