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The VX900C is supported with Release 4.9 (v25 or later) only.


As a multi-function voice switch, the VX900C can be deployed in distributed networks to reduce and consolidate PBX infrastructure. The VX900 VX900C extends advanced call system features from centralized data centers to remote locations. With its remote survivability features, the Sonus VX provides continuous, local call service and intelligent trunk routing in the event of network connectivity failures. VX900C supports both Windows XP and Windows 7.

Multi-Function Integration

The VX900C Universal Voice Exchange™ contains an integrated voice routing engine, session border controller, media gateway and protocol converter with support for T1/E1/ISDN and analog voice interfaces, full SIP and H.323 compliance, and industry leading bandwidth efficiency capabilities. This multi-function integration delivers powerful, low cost VoIP enablement and call system infrastructure convergence in one intelligent, manageable solution.

Intelligent Session Border Controller

With advanced network control and security features including SRTP, VLAN support and advanced call manipulation, the Sonus VX provides a level of intelligence and capability that extends well beyond the typical, single-purpose session border controller. Unlike many other products in the market, the Sonus VX only utilizes standard protocols to provide vendor independent remote survivability.