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Table of Contents
VX SCSI Sub-D Single Cable Connector Specifications

This section contains the following pinout wire specifications for the Serial Interface Card SCSI--Sub D (single port) cable connector:

From P2 (25 Pin D)Signal
NotesTo P1 (100 Pin)Signal
1N/C 1N/C
2TxDPair with P2 142ATXa/TXDA
3RxDPair with P2 164ARTa/RXDA
4RTSPair with P2 196ACa/ARTSa/RTSA
5CTSPair with P2 139AIa/ACTSa/CTSA
8DCDPair with P2 108ADCDa/DCDA
9DD-RTN Rec Sig Elem TimingPair with P2 1760ARTb
10CF-RTN DCDPair with P2 858ADCDb
11DA-RTN Trans Sig Elem TimingPair with P2 2455ATTb
12DB-RTN Trans Sig Elem TimingPair with P2 1553ASTb
13CB-RTN CTSPair with P2 559AIb/ACTSb
14BA-RTN TxDPair with P2 252ATXb
15DB-Trans Sig Elem TimingPair with P2 123ASTa
16BB-RTN RxDPair with P2 354ARXb
17DD-REC Sig Elem TimingPair with P2 910ARTa
19CA-RTN RTSPair with P2 456ACb/ARTSb
20CD-DTRPair with P2 237ADTRa/DTRA
23CD-RTN DTRPair with P2 2057ADTRb
24DA-Trans Sig Elem TimingPair with P2 115ATTa
Hex-Key Specifications (used to install VX SCSI Sub-D Single Cable)

The VX SCSI Sub-D Signal cable requires a hex key to install the cable (included with your system). The specifications of the hex key are as follows:

XYHex Tip
1/82.69 (tolerance = +/- .70)3/32


Hex-Key to SCSI Sub-D Single Connector

With cable connector end lined up against the SBC's serial interface port, insert the Hex-Key wrench (allen wrench) into each Socket Head Screw Cap and turn until snug.